Peace Scouts teaches children to experience peace as a powerful
action that emphasizes compassion, empathy, creativity, joyful
collaboration and service to others.  Children are asked to discuss what peace means to them and further explore what fuels their concern for others and their spirit of generosity.

Learning from and discussing the actions of local and international peacemakers is a primary construct of Peace Scouts. There are eight Powers of Peace, each represented by a different peacemaker and attribute that fuels peace.  For example:

The Power of Kindness stresses the strength of listening with an open mind and acting with an open heart.  The Dalai Lama is the peacemaker on this peace patch.

The Power of Wonder emphasizes our ability to connect with the natural world and our physical environment. Rachel Carson is the peacemaker displayed on this peace patch.

An Olympia artist named Nikki McClure created a papercut of all the peacemakers.

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